JASON SOBEL – 8/4/14
Golf Channel senior writer

“I think the lack of transparency from the PGA Tour – and I’ve been saying this for years, not just in this case – is so outdated. Every other major sports association announces fines and suspensions. We don’t necessarily need to know exactly (what) he tested positive for or what rule or violation he broke, but we should know if a player is suspended. I do think that if suspensions and fines were made public, that would keep a player from committing the same act again and again and again.”

KEN BERGER – 8/4/14
CBS Sports NBA insider

“The reality is, you had the team’s most important investment – a guy who was guaranteed $92 million over the next five years – get hurt and be unavailable for probably an entire season because he was doing something that had nothing to do with the Indiana Pacers. That’s a tough part of the argument.”

KEVIN WARE – 8/5/14
Georgia State guard

“Basketball is our lives,” he said. “It’s like taking something you love away from you.”

NOTAH BEGAY – 8/6/14
Golf Channel analyst

“I can’t tell you for sure, but if he hasn’t withdrawn by now, there’s probably a good chance he’s on his way up here (to Louisville) at some point to give it a go. And it’s not 100 percent sure even if he shows up on the grounds that he will tee it up tomorrow. You just never know with backs. I battled a bad back for a good decade here on the tour. He can take a swing out there this afternoon if he’s playing, and if something goes wrong like it did this weekend, he (could be) back on the jet tonight back home.”


“We’ve seen versions of the Turtles before and it’s more cartoon in nature, but not this. This is fun. It’s got a really splashy sort of cartoon feel to it, but it’s live action. Michael Bay produced this, and you can only imagine (how good it is given that he’s) the guy who (did) Armageddon and the Transformer films and (other action movies). It has a production value that is unbelievable. It’s visually stunning.”

JASON COLE – 8/7/14
Bleacher Report NFL insider

“I really don’t think there’s anything Michael Vick can do to win this job. It’s all on whether Geno can hold on to it or not. If Geno doesn’t hold the job, then he opens the door for Mike Vick.”

JIM NANTZ – 8/7/14
CBS Sports lead play-by-play announcer

“I’m caught up in it because it’s all anybody ever asks me about. I feel so sorry for Rory McIlroy because . . . everybody makes the sport about Tiger. Rory McIlroy is the dominant player in the game. He’s coming off two breathtaking performances. This guy’s won three majors in the last three years and two months. Tiger hasn’t won one in (six) years, and everybody just wants to talk about Tiger. And here’s Rory McIlroy going for his third win in four weeks against all the best players in the world, and our first two questions today are about Tiger. I’m not blaming you guys. This is universal. It’s a feeding frenzy.”

TOM THAYER – 8/8/14
Former Bears offensive lineman and current Bears radio analyst

“If you’re playing a home or away NFC championship game, I think the Bears would be satisfied with the opportunity. But Aaron Rodgers is in the division. It’s still his division to lose.”

JOE KLECKO – 8/8/14
Former Jets defensive lineman and current SNY analyst

“I believe that the defense is going to carry the team again. I believe the front of that defense is absolutely tremendous. I think the Jets could be a playoff team. There’s no doubt in my mind. (After that), it (all depends on) injury and luck, I believe.”

Yahoo! Sports NBA insider

“I think he’s going to be really, really good for Cleveland. He’s going to help that group put this thing together.”

DAN WOLKEN – 8/8/14
USA Today college football writer

“I don’t know that the changes are going to be all that radical to the fan who watches the game on Saturday; the competition is still going to be the same. What’s going to change is (that) the big schools are going to be allowed to spend on certain things. I think a lot of what they want to do makes sense.”



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