Andre Reed will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this Saturday, so you’d think this would be a fun, happy week for the former Buffalo Bills wideout.

Not entirely.

Reed blasted musical artist Jon Bon Jovi, who is part of a Toronto-based group interested in buying the Bills and moving the team to Canada.

“It’s amazing,” NFL on CBS analyst Steve Tasker said on The Morning Show. “Anybody who says they want to buy that team, they better pass certain protocols or they’re going to get crushed by everybody who talks about them. Anybody who says they’d like to move the team out of Buffalo if they buy it is going to be hated immediately.”

The Bills are famous for two things, neither of which is positive: losing four consecutive Super Bowls in the 1990s, and not making the playoffs this century.

Still, is moving the Bills – Jon Bon Jovi or no Jon Bon Jovi – a legitimate threat for Buffalo fans?

“I think it is,” Tasker said. “It seems legitimate. I think the thing that you have to realize is if the team leaves Buffalo, it’s because they’ve got someplace to go, and obviously there’s a market out in L.A. that seems ripe for a team to be placed there. I don’t know that it’s the Bills necessarily, but the Bills are up for grabs. They’re going to be sold within probably 12 weeks. By October, this deal’s going to be done, and they’re going to have to put a new stadium in Buffalo as well.

“So if you’re going to build a new stadium anyway and you’re coming in and there’s a franchise that is ripe to be moved from a small market to an enormous market, it’s pretty tempting, I think, for an owner to think about doing that – particularly if you’re a group that doesn’t have any ties to the city.”

In other Bills news, Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, 54, continues to fight cancer. The good news, however, is that he seems to be winning.

“He’s on the mend,” Tasker said. “He’s doing really well. Because of the nature of the cancer and where it was on his body – up near his jaw – the treatment made it so it wasn’t really pleasurable for him to eat food, so he lost a lot of weight and stuff like that. But he’s eating solid food now. He’s out walking in the neighborhood and you’ll see him out and about.”

Kelly, who recently made an appearance at his football camp, will serve as an honoree captain and participate in the coin toss at the Hall of Fame game between the Bills and Giants this Sunday.

“He’s starting to become his old self again,” Tasker said. “Now, he’s still not out of the woods, and they’ve still got some tests to run. They still need to evaluate how well the treatment has done for him. But there’s no question that he’s physically and mentally feeling a lot better.”


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