Chris Canty, if you’re wondering, is not very good at golf.

Then again, very few people who are 6-7, 317 pounds are.

“No, I’m not a good golfer, but I love to do it,” the Ravens defensive lineman Chris Canty said on The Morning Show. “It’s fun trying to chase that little white ball around.”

Yes, given Canty’s size, it’s safe to say that the Super Bowl champion chose the right sport. He’s also happy to be focused once more on football, which is what Baltimore’s minicamp was all about – even with the drama surrounding Ray Rice, who was charged with aggravated assault this offseason after hitting his then-fiancee and now wife, Janay Palmer, in an Atlantic City casino in February.

“I’m going to be honest with you,” Canty said. “Minicamp was always about football. (Jim) Harbaugh really put us through the wringer as far as getting the number of plays in that we did, the work rate that we had. (It) was really focused on football. The only part that wasn’t was we had our league-mandated team meeting (in which) we talk about work-place conduct. Obviously, there’s an emphasis on that this season following the Miami Dolphins’ scandal.”

“But really, it was all about football,” Canty continued. “Guys just kind of getting back in their element – focusing on how to make the Baltimore Ravens’ 2014 campaign better than it was in 2013. I think that’s really what guys are locked in on.”

Canty won a Super Bowl with the Giants in February 2012 and joined the Ravens the year after they won their Super Bowl in February 2013. He noticed a big difference in Baltimore’s minicamp this season as compared to last season.

“It’s harder,” he said laughing. “But no, the intensity has definitely picked up from where it was last year at this time. Guys are paying a little more attention to detail. I don’t want to make it sound cliche and say we’re working harder than ever, but there are some noticeable differences in the way we’re doing things.”

The Ravens finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs last year. Their passing numbers were extremely pedestrian, and they finished 30th in the league in rushing. Nevertheless, Baltimore used its first three draft picks on defense, taking Alabama inside linebacker C.J. Mosley, Florida State defensive end Timmy Jernigan and Florida State safety Terrence Brooks.

“I think that they definitely wanted to address some things on the defensive side of the ball,” Canty said. “There was some room for improvement that we had there. Obviously our whole team had room for improvement, but they did some things on the offensive side of the ball, bringing in Coach (Gary) Kubiak, bringing in (Steve Smith), bringing in Owen Daniels. They did some things to help us retool on offense as well. I trust that Ozzie Newsome knows what he’s doing. He knows how to put a good football team together. We’re just going to focus on what we can do (and) what we can control as players – building this football team and trying to get the best out of each other.”

Smith, who spent 13 seasons in Carolina, is a perfect fit for the Ravens. Yes, he’s 35, but he’s hard-nosed and gritty. In fact, he got into a fight last week with teammate Ladarius Webb.

“Well, first of all, let me say this,” Canty sad, downplaying the incident. “It’s hot outside, you’re working – there’s going to be some fights. People don’t realize this, but that was the undercard. I’m not going into details, but let’s just say that the Steve Smith and Ladarius Webb fight was the undercard during minicamp.”

“It’s just what it is.”



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