The draft may be over, and the regular season may be months away, but no time is a bad time to talk about the NFL.

In fact, let’s talk about it now: What’s the biggest story heading into camp?

“I think every year (it’s) always (the) focus on these young quarterbacks – to see what my thoughts on them were and how they’re adjusting to the NFL,” CBS Sports NFL analyst Phil Simms said on The Morning Show. “Getting the off-the-record comments from the coach, which I love, and just to see (how) a couple teams (are doing).”

One team that Simms is especially excited about? That would be Tampa Bay, which has a new head coach (Lovie Smith) and possibly a new starting quarterback (Josh McCown).

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers probably interest me as much as anybody,” Simms said. “I think they have a chance. I think they’re pretty stacked – not to win the Super Bowl, but to be really good. It’ll be interesting. New coach down there. Greg Schiano had it turned. He had it turned physically. They just had to come together to get it done.”

“But I think they’re a team to look out for. I think there’s a lot of good players down there, and I think they could come out of nowhere.”

Simms, of course, is used to giving his thoughts about football, but what are his thoughts on futbol? Simms isn’t exactly painting his face red, white and blue for the World Cup, but he’s definitely been following the action in Brazil.

“I don’t think I’m quite one of those guys,” he said, “(but) I’m watching. I watch the Premier League. I love it. I watch the players over there. Unfortunately for me, I look at the World Cup and think the soccer’s not as good as the Premier League. They play to score. I love the offense of it.”

Wait, does Phil Simms – a former NFL quarterback – actually love soccer?

“I don’t mind it,” Simms said. “I marvel at the passing. Look, it’s unbelievable how they kick it across the field. The ball doesn’t get off the ground. I’m not saying I love it, but I appreciate it.”

What Simms didn’t appreciate was Uruguay’s Luis Suarez biting Italy’s Giorgia Chiellini in the shoulder in Tuesday’s World Cup match, which Uruguay won 1-0 to advance to the knockout stage.

“No, I would not do (something like) that,” Simms said.

What’s the dirtiest thing Simms ever did on a football field?

“I never did anything physical,” he said. “Let’s be honest. I was a quarterback. Early in my career, I did appreciate the fact that there were not mics on the field like they are now. My rookie and second year, you could say anything, and the guys said things to me – (and) I was like, wow. I said, ‘Well, if that’s the way it is, I’m not afraid to talk,’ so I’d say things back. I think back now, oh my gosh. If those things came out . . . (wow).”



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