For some people, the Miami Heat – who have been to three straight NBA Finals – are already a dynasty. For others, the Heat need to win a third straight title to cement that legacy.

Given the fluid nature of free agency, however, is a dynasty today the same as it was 30 years ago? Or is it time to redefine that word and what it means?

“I think you have to redefine everything, to be honest with you,” NBA agent Keith Glass said on The Morning Show. “Our definition of things has cheapened over the years, and the words don’t mean as much. A dynasty (used to be) something that you built up not just with players, but with management, with drafting, with getting better – that’s how you built a dynasty (back in the day).

“So I would say, yeah, you’ve got to redefine what a dynasty really is.”

You’ve also got to redefine, Glass said, what the word “great” means. For the last several weeks, all he’s heard is how great the NBA playoffs have been. Glass doesn’t quite agree.

“You may want to reexamine whether the playoffs are close, close games (that) have gotten us to Game 7s, or if they really are better games,” he said. “That’s always been my thing for the last 20 years.”

Glass, who has been in and around the league for several decades, is also quite familiar with Donald Sterling.

“If you gave me one word, it would not have been racist; it would have been cheap,” Glass said, assessing Sterling’s reputation before V. Stiviano became a household name. “And a little bit eccentric. He kind of ran his franchise his own way. It didn’t seem like Donald Sterling was as interested in competing as he was with making a buck.”

Glass has mixed feelings, at least from a legal standpoint, about Stiviano’s recording – not to mention the NBA’s reaction to it.

“(It) troubled me on so many levels – how he was taped, how that thing came down,” Glass said. “I was troubled obviously by his language, by his thought. But I was also troubled abut how (he was being forced to sell his franchise).”

Glass, however, didn’t have any mixed feelings about Sterling’s interview with Anderson Cooper – in which the 80-year-old claimed he wasn’t a racist and slammed Magic Johnson in the process.

“I just think it’s pathetic,” Glass said. “As abhorrent as his thoughts are, he seems irrational to the point of he clearly doesn’t really know what he’s talking about. If you’re going to go after somebody on the issue of what they’ve given back or what they’ve accomplished, you don’t go after Magic Johnson. You just don’t do it. A cursory review of Magic Johnson post-playing career doesn’t take long to realize what he has accomplished. If you want to go after – really, anybody else – you could have done it rationally. But to go and say, ‘What has Magic Johnson done?’ just indicates to me that he hasn’t even tried to understand what Magic Johnson has done. These are ramblings of a man who doesn’t really know what he’s talking about.”

And still, many wonder what David Stern is thinking right now. They wonder how Stern would have handled this fiasco, especially given Sterling’s checkered past.

Glass believes Stern would have acted swiftly and, well, sternly – mainly because Sterling’s most recent transgressions became so public.

“When something is public, you got to deal with it,” Glass said. “I imagine he would’ve acted, but I think Adam Silver has done whatever he could have done to deal with this. In a way, it was easier for Adam – because he had a clean slate.”


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