With Phil Jackson in charge in New York – and with Mike Woodson having been shown the door – Steve Kerr is the no-brainer choice to became the next head coach of the Knicks, right?

Eh, maybe.

The Knicks might want Kerr, but Kerr might not want them.

“The Steve Kerr thing is far from certain with the Knicks,” Bleacher Report NBA writer Howard Beck said on The Morning Show. “He is a West Coast guy. He lives in San Diego. His daughter is at Cal, where she’s playing volleyball (and) finishing up her freshman season. Steve Kerr wants to stay near the West Coast – preferably on the West Coast – and the Knicks’ situation is not necessarily the most attractive one that he’ll be presented with if he makes himself available as a potential coach, which he is.”

Indeed, the most logical destination for Kerr might be Golden State – if Mark Jackson is fired, that is.

“If the Warriors were to fire Mark Jackson, I think Steve Kerr shoots to the top of the list for the Warriors,” Beck said. “That would be a situation that would be much more attractive for him both in terms of location and in terms of the team.”

So, if the Knicks don’t get Kerr, to whom do they turn?

“I’ve known Phil Jackson a while; obviously I covered him in L.A. for all those years,” Beck said. “One thing that comes back over and over – and I’ve talked to people around him within the last few weeks – (is) this is Phil Jackson. He is conventional. He is unpredictable. Don’t be surprised if the guy he ends up picking is somebody that no one has even (thought of yet). He will canvass his usual guys. All the names being thrown out are the obvious ones because they have ties to Phil, whether it’s Derek Fisher or Brian Shaw. He’ll talk to his guys and he might find roles for the ex-Bulls or ex-Lakers in other capacities. It may be way off the board, for all we know.”

Jackson could also consider the college ranks, particularly Kevin Ollie and Fred Hoiberg.

“Of course, everybody likes those guys,” Beck said. “Ollie just won a championship, and Hoiberg’s made a nice name for himself. In Hoiberg’s case, Phil has a relationship with him.

“(But) there’s no done deal, and it’s not necessarily one of the big names. (Jackson is) going to talk to a lot of people. This could still go many different directions.”

The same could be said for several NBA franchises – playoff results pending – most notably the Warriors, Thunder, Rockets and Pacers.

“It’s a fair question in every single case,” Beck said. “Mark Jackson’s the case where there’s been the most rumbling. A first-round loss, even without Andrew Bogut, is going to create some concern there. That’s a possibility more so for him than the others. But a first-round loss by the Thunder? Totally fair to ask. (Scott Brooks has) come under criticism before.

“So yeah, this is where things get messy in the NBA – and sports in general. If you’re failing to meet expectations with a team (that’s the) favorite to go the conference finals at minimum or the Finals, there would be consequences there.”


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