With Draft Day to open in theaters April 11, Jennifer Garner dropped on The Morning Show to discuss the movie, as well as what it was like to play a capologist for the Cleveland Browns.

“I think that if I was actually a capologist for 10 years, I (still) don’t know that I would understand it all the way,” Garner joked. “But I did spend a lot of time with the woman (Megan Rogers) who runs the salary cap for the Cleveland Browns. To me, it seems like a really cool blend of business, money, predictions and preparing for the future and all of that stuff – doing all of the contracts and then also just understanding the art of football and the art of negotiating between people.”

Draft Day tells the story of Browns general manager Sonny Weaver (played by Kevin Costner), who tries to rebuild his struggling NFL franchise by trading for the No. 1 pick. The film includes several NFL analyst playing themselves – including Mel Kiper, Jon Gruden, Deion Sanders and Mike Mayock – and provides an authentic look at what happens behind the scenes during an NFL Draft.

“The NFL gave us absolute full access and full cooperation for the whole film,” Garner said. “I think when you watch the movie, that really comes through. We were at the draft last year. I wasn’t actually there because my character didn’t go to New York, but (the movie crew) shot (footage) all night. It was a crazy couple of days for the movie crew, but the NFL was great and just let us take over.”

The movie marks yet another sports film for Costner, who has starred in Bull Durham, Field of Dreams and Tin Cup, among others.

“To me, to do a sports movie with Kevin Costner was a total dream come true,” Garner said. “He has that great blend of feeling like a quarterback; he’s the guy you want in charge of things. Even though he never really throws a football in the movie, you have no doubt that he is running the (show). There’s no one else you want in this role.”

Garner called Costner “a pretty serious sports fan” who “knows his stuff.”

If any guys out there have trouble convincing their girlfriends or wives to see the movie, Garner advised to just mention it has Costner.

“Trust me,” she said, “Kevin will make that easy for them.”

As for the real-life Browns, Garner doesn’t love the way in which they’ve run the franchise.

“I hate that they keep changing everybody before anyone has a chance to grab a hold of something and make something happen,” she said. “They do have the No. 4 pick this year, and I hope that they take our movie seriously and use it as well as Kevin’s characters does.”

While Costner has been in several sports films, he doesn’t necessarily see it that way. He says his films aren’t about sports, but rather, a guy and a girl.

Which one is this?

“This is a movie about a guy and a girl,” Garner said. “It’s wrapped up in football in a very satisfying way, but for sure, when you come down to it, it’s a movie about relationships.”


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