Media Day is one of the most hyped events in sports – and yet, you wonder if anyone there actually likes it.

Heck, Richard Sherman had to answer a question about “making it rain” at strip clubs.

“Trying to get a football question in is impossible,” CBS Sports NFL analyst Pete Prisco said on The Morning Show. “In years past, they always had some of the lesser players standing around in the crowd and not on the podium or behind the barrier. Not this time – because it was so small. I’ve been to 25 Super Bowls, and that’s far and away the smallest Media Day I’ve ever seen in terms of the ability to move around. But there were more people there because it’s in New York.”

That said, were there any interesting takeaways from this year’s rendition, which took place Tuesday?

“I think Marshawn Lynch was the most interesting thing,” Prisco said of the Seahawks running back, who ditched his media session after less than seven minutes. “And look, I’m a big believer (that you don’t have to talk if you don’t) want to, but you’re doing what you do because you talked. You were always around. Why not take advantage of the opportunity?

“People criticize Richard Sherman for doing what he did. To me, that was Marketing 101. He had the biggest crowd around him at the podium. People who don’t even know football know who Richard Sherman is now. So I think that’s terrific.”

Then again, maybe that was Lynch’s goal. No one had been talking about him a whole lot. But if he walked off, maybe people would.

“And they did,” Prisco said.

But enough about Media Day. Let’s talk actual football.

Brandon Tierney said that if his team needed a late touchdown to win the game, and if he could choose any quarterback in NFL history to lead the drive, he’d choose Joe Montana and then Tom Brady.

But about Peyton Manning? Where does he rank for you, Mr. Prisco?

“He’s near the top,” Prisco said. “I think sometimes we put way too much emphasis on the ring – (especially) for the quarterback position. Let’s think about this for a second. Eli has two, and Peyton has one. Nobody in their right mind would say Eli is better than Peyton Manning.”

But you could make that argument for the postseason, said Tiki Barber, a former teammate of Eli’s.

“Yeah,” Prisco said, “but you still wouldn’t take Eli in the postseason.”

Brady, it is worth noting, is 4-6 in his last 10 postseason games.

That’s because they stopped cheating, Tierney said, referencing Spygate.

“You know what?” Prisco said. “A lot of people around the league think that. (But) can you imagine if Peyton had won three Super Bowls and then was 4-6 in his last 10? They’d be killing him.

“Here’s the thing,” Prisco continued. “People prop Montana up – and don’t get me wrong. Montana was a great, great quarterback. Dan Marino didn’t win any rings, and I’m a big believer in Marino. Can you imagine if he was in this system in this era now?

“I always used to say (this) – and it used to infuriate people – but you could have taken Marino and put him in Montana’s system and not missed a beat. (But) if you took Montana and gave him what Marino had in Miami, (he) wouldn’t have been the same quarterback.”


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