The NBA Finals is all tied up at 2-2. The Miami Heat managed to grab a win on the road in San Antonio last night to tie the series and writer and editor Sekou Smith joined The Morning Show on Friday to recap the Heat’s convincing 109-93 Game 4 win.

The Heat, who switched up their starting lineup and put Mike Miller in a starting five spot, played with urgency and at a fast pace. When asked by The Morning Show hosts if Mike Miller sparked the change, Smith was quick to say that the play of Dwyane Wade was a key factor in Miami’s win.

“I think the Miller move is going to be overblown a little bit because that was the one significant coaching tweak he made,” Smith said. “It’s hard not to watch that game last night and realize that Dwyane Wade just played better, he played with more energy and even more so than LeBron … It’s been a long time since I’ve watch Dwyane Wade dominate a game on both ends the way he did last night.”

Contrary to Game 1, in which San Antonio won 92-88, Games 2, 3 and 4 have been blowouts. The reason?

“I think it has a lot to do with the fact that these are two heavyweight teams matching up,” Smith said. “Unlike Game 1, where they were very methodical and down to the wire in that game, they recognize that if you get a chance to get a lead on a team of that caliber you’ve got to pour it on and pour it on in ways that you would if you were playing Charlotte. You’ve got to try and run them off the floor because if you don’t the game comes down to those last two or three possessions.”

The Spurs lost Game 4 because of LeBron James and because he finally got help from the other members of Miami’s Big Three in Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. If the Spurs are going to take back the momentum once again in the series, they are going to have to adjust their game plan in Game 5.

“They clearly cannot allow LeBron James to run unabated down the floor the way he was last night,” Smith said. “They had done such a great job through the first three games of closing off the lane, forcing him into jump choices and taking away his choice … Last night the Spurs couldn’t get on their mark defensively to take that choice away. So, they have to find a way, find the energy to get back on defensive in transition and keep LeBron and D-Wade from beating them that way.”


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