Marks: Celtics Will Keep No. 3 Pick And Draft Jayson TatumThe Vertical's Bobby Marks offered a fresh take on Boston's No. 3 pick
Herman: Texas Has Won In The Past And Will Win AgainTexas has finished with a losing record in four of the last seven seasons, including three straight
McCants: NBA Owners Colluded To Black-Ball MeRashad McCants discussed his NBA career, the BIG3, and the Golden State Warriors, among other topics
Mullin: Warriors Will Play In Seven Straight Finals – At MinimumChris Mullin, who played for Golden State from 1985-97, believes the Warriors are just getting started
Barry: Golden State Could Dominate For Five Or Six More YearsRick Barry, who led Golden State to an NBA title in 1975, doesn't see the Warriors slowing down anytime soon
Brees: If Kaepernick Can Help A Team Win, He Should Be In The LeagueDrew Brees weighed in on Colin Kaepernick, as well as the Saints' upcoming season
Lincoln Riley: Players Owe Me Nothing; I Have To Earn Their RespectWith Bob Stoops retiring at Oklahoma, Lincoln Riley, 33, is now the youngest head coach in FBS
Roenick: Crosby/Subban Incident "An Awesome Confrontation"Jeremy Roenick weighed in on a contentious Stanley Cup Finals between Pittsburgh and Nashville
Greg Olsen: Christian McCaffrey Is "The Last Of A Dying Breed"White running backs are few and far between in the NFL, but Christian McCaffrey could be a great one
Raines: I Realized I Had A Cocaine Problem And Got HelpTim Raines, who was voted into the Hall of Fame in January, never took PEDs but used cocaine early in his career
Davis: Clippers Are Selfish And Have No Voice; Doc Will Get FiredGlen Davis discussed his bad blood with Doc Rivers, Austin Rivers, and Ray Allen, among other topics
Chalmers: LeBron Will Leave It All On The Court, But He Needs HelpMario Chalmers knows what LeBron is capable of. The rest of the Cavs just need to step up

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